Oh hell YES! MMW @ Vitoria Jazz Festival

Location: Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain
Status: Farking AWESOME, but with some tinnitus

This week in Vitoria is the Festival de Jazz de Vitoria-Gasteiz[en], and last night Pedro and I went to an amazing show. Yesterday was the first day of the festival. It was "Noche Electrónica" and who should be playing but none other than Medeski, Martin, and Wood! Talk about being in this town at the right time! It cost 20€ and a group called Incognito opened. Incognito was quite good, a nice mix of jazz and funk. However, MMW were simply amazing! I had heard that their concerts were quite good, and now I know from my own experience.

I love the way they experiment with sound, using various percussion instruments, lots of effects on the keyboards, and some funky bass. They were brilliant, like master chefs playing with herbs and spices to come up with new and interesting flavors of sound. Seriously, they were simply amazing, fantastic, wonderful, superb... there aren't enough adjectives.

So, basically what I am trying to say is that it was a great show. Peace.

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Hey there mate, glad to see that you're enjoying the south European climes. Bad luck about San Fermine, there is a left lugguage in teh centre of town that you could have used and it would have help you enjoy the place loads more but I agree you probably need to be one of the drunk louts to really get into it. Anyway keep cruising and I look forward to the next update.